A Healthier Way of Eating Your Favourite Foods

In many ways, food falls into two basic categories: healthy and unhealthy. Obviously, they’re not actually that simple, but that’s the way many people see it. Vegetables tend to be considered unequivocally healthy unless you fry them. Fried foods are considered unequivocally unhealthy. Within the realm of unhealthy foods are what is called comfort foods. Comfort foods are those kinds of foods that are so delicious and inviting that they put you in a better mood. Comfort foods also imply foods that tend to be very unhealthy. For people that are dieting and trying to lose weight, comfort foods tend to be avoided. They try to stay away from them altogether because they are full of fats, sugars, and calories you don’t need. However, there is an alternative.


Mycoprotein, also known as fungal protein, is the protein that binds fungi cells together. It is a principal component in certain kinds of mould as well as in mushrooms. It is a low-calorie, low-fat, high protein food source. When grown in a sterile environment, mycoprotein can be an incredible alternative to meat. That’s why it is the principal ingredient in the Quorn line of foods. What is Quorn? It is a line of food products that is designed to replace your unhealthy comfort foods with healthier alternatives.


For example, you might find chicken nuggets to be the height of comfort food. Many people do and they’re a common staple of kids’ diets. Well, chicken nuggets are full of fatty chicken. If you replace the chicken in the nuggets with mycoprotein, you can drastically reduce the calories in the food. Unlike other types of vegan or vegetarian substitutions, mycoprotein is a high protein ingredient that actually tastes like the protein it’s replacing. There are many different ways to flavour mycoprotein so that it tastes like chicken or any other meat. That’s what makes it so great. Because it is protein, it can be very easily made to taste like meat.

Cholesterol and Fat

In addition to reducing the number of calories in your food, mycoprotein can also reduce the risks to your heart and arteries. Meat, especially red meat, tends to be high in cholesterol and fat. In the short term, these ingredients make it more difficult to lose weight. That’s why many people avoid them. However, fat and bad cholesterol are not only cosmetic issues. They tend to clog arteries and increase blood pressure. Clogged arteries and increased blood pressure cause your heart to work that much harder, putting your heart under increased strain. That’s the kind of thing you want to avoid. Replacing your meat with mycoprotein can reduce the amount of fat and cholesterol, helping your heart.

Many people have a few foods they’re unwilling to give up. Switching to Quorn doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything you enjoy. For some people, that means switching to a Quorn replacement. For others, it means switching to a mycoprotein replacement for only certain foods.

Whatever you do, you should think about switching to healthier versions of your favourite foods for your heart and your health.

Ensures Excellent Cooking

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Catering A Private Feast

An event might not always need a hearty menu, but it needs a menu with heart. Choosing a caterer for a wedding, corporate function, or home event is an important decision. Everyone wants the menu for his or her event to not only match his or her vision, but fit within his or her budget, and taste good too! With so many menu options out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. A good catering company will not only make your function special, but they can take one hassle off your plate by filling it with good food.

Choosing a Menu

Deciding on the menu for a wedding or another special event is a big task. With menus that range from sushi and seafood platters to spit-roasts and barbecues, picking the right one might seem like the hardest decision of your life. If making that choice becomes too much work, remember that there are options outside of set menus. Caterers can work with you to go off-book and create a menu that fits your needs and budget. Whether you’re a carnivore, a vegetarian, or a gourmet foodie, there’s a caterer out there who’ll work with you to create the perfect menu for your function.

Wedding Menu Options

A wedding day is a special day, and delicious food is one of the best parts! Decide on a menu with Diamond Blue wedding catering services, who consider your personal tastes and budget to create the dream menu for your wedding.

Some couples celebrate their wedding with an intimate and elegant ceremony, while others prefer to honour their love with a wild party. For those who prefer a more delicate touch, options like grazing menus which serve five or six small courses, or traditional finger food buffets might appeal.

There’s nothing more Australian than a barbecue, so for an authentic Australian wedding, don’t be afraid to ask your caterers to fire up the barbie.  The casual outdoor setting of a barbecue reception lets you relax at your wedding reception with good, old-fashioned burgers, sausages, and skewers.

Every couple is different, every wedding is different, and every menu can show that.

Feeding Guests at a Home Event

From a barbecue birthday party with hamburgers and gourmet sausages to a dessert platter at Grand-dad’s fiftieth, or even a spread of delicate finger food at a garden party, there’s no end to the catering options someone might need for his or her home event. When you choose to have good food delivered to your door, all you have to worry about is making sure your guests have a good time!

Catering a Corporate Event

A corporate event provides the opportunity for a company to promote its image and make a good impression. Catering a small office function with important clients is just as big a job as catering an office Christmas party. When a business customises their own event menu, they show their clients and staff who they are and what sort of company they run.

The best caterers are aware that every function, no matter how big or small, should be treated with the utmost respect and care. Most importantly, when someone chooses a caterer who loves good food, they’ll receive great food.


Experiencing Great Food

For many people, especially those that love to eat, a cuisine type that is all about hotdogs, burgers, pizza and other fast food fare is just heaven. These types of food are really very popular. One major reason behind that is the foray of fast food restaurant chains in the global market. However, fast food is just one part of the diversity of a certain cuisine.

The country’s cuisine reflects its storied history, reflecting a diverse number of influences starting with the food and cultural practices brought by early migrants. Over time, these dishes have been transformed and modified to appeal to local tastes and to make use of available ingredients. If you look at the cuisine of different regions and states, you will notice several influences. For example, in the northern states, the influence of foreign cuisine can still be seen.

If you wish to sample what this very popular cuisine has to offer, one of the best places to start would be restaurants near the city where many tourists can actually taste and give reviews.

There are restaurants located in the heart of the city, near top attractions like which attract a lot of tourists and locals alike. Known for providing a distinctive local experience, these restaurants are also renowned for providing exceptional dining.

If you wish to sample what regional cooking has to offer, a stop at these popular and mostly recommended restaurants should be in order. Located at the best areas in the city, this great dining establishment invites guests to transport themselves to a time gone by through its clubby, wood paneled nautical theme. You can choose which type of meal or menu you want. And depending on the time you come to eat, you will be in for a treat of a lifetime that you will surely cherish and even recommend to your friends and family.

These restaurants that have grill and lounge have long been known to the locals and luminaries as a welcome oasis during spring and summer when a lot of people coming from the different parts of the world come to visit and experience what the place has to offer. During fall and winter, the establishment’s two fireplaces are a respite for the chilly days. Apart from featuring regional cuisine, these restaurants also host special functions, wine tasting events and exquisite beverage specials. All these events are very memorable and an experience that you will truly keep for life. Get to know more about the best restaurants in the world and taste the world’s best cuisines.