How to Get Perfectly Toasted Buns

Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty burger on toasted buns? I’m sure that’s all of us. Restaurants that serve burger meals are in a very competitive industry because their burgers must be better and very tasty. In addition, you need to have consistency when it comes to the delivery of the burger meals. What you serve to one customer today needs to be the same when you serve it to another customer next week. One way to guarantee consistency is to invest in quality catering equipment which has measures and timers in place such as the Anvil Vertical Bun Toaster.

The Anvil Vertical Bun Toaster is an ideal piece of catering equipment that has a compact small footprint so it can be placed on a countertop in any sized kitchen. The twin feed system allows you to prepare twice as many buns because you can feed two buns into the machine at a time until it is full. This bun toaster has 6 position thickness settings that control the toasting process and heating surface. It has a heavy duty stainless steel wire conveyor system that is durable and reliable for daily use. For a smooth operation, this bun toaster is manufactured with precision cartridge bearing conveyor shafts. It also includes a bun exit chute that is reversible and allows for front or rear access, plus it is supplied with a Teflon release sheet that fits over the plate element.

If you are looking for an energy saving catering equipment, the Anvil Vertical Bun Toaster is designed with low energy consumption in mind. It only uses 0.75 kilowatts per hour and the aluminum heating plate uses a mere 2 kilowatts. You’re also able to control the temperature with the variable heating control which ranges from 50 to 300 degrees Celsius. If you have many buns to toast, you can set the heating control at the desired setting. Once you know the perfect heat setting for your buns, you can use the same setting at all times. That way you can be sure that the buns are all toasted evenly and consistently every day.

A perfectly toasted bun brings out all the flavors of the burger. This catering equipment is able to give you consistently golden brown buns with a seared finish. It is this seared finish which minimizes the amount of juices that are soaked up in the bun, thus the burger will stay firm and delicious.

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