Creative Cooking

Benefits of Cooking

Just as creative writing can give you that rush, and provide you with that relief from ecstatic joy or lingering sorrow, creative cooking has its own benefits, too. Other than the obvious need to place food on the table that satiates your stomach, cooking can also be healing and therapeutic to some. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to think about creative cooking.

Mood uplifting

When threatened by looming agony, we often try to find a vent that would enable our emotions to subside, and get back to our daily chores. One such vent may be creative cooking. When trying a new dish, either purely out of your whim or by modifying a known recipe, your mind concentrates on the details. The mind, thus, for a certain amount of time is distracted from the grief or anger that it may have been holding. For as long as the dish is being prepared, your mind is so focused on its subtleties that it is given the time required for it to heal from its wounds. Often, by the time you are done with the dish, your temper cools down along with your stove.

A healthy change

No matter which part of the world you are from, everyone has a staple diet, and it is needless to say that having the same kind of meals everyday can make your life very dull. For most people, the way to break this chain of monotonous food habits is by dining out. However, it may either not always be affordable, or not always be healthy. A change in taste that comes straight from your kitchen, from the ingredients present in your own kitchen rack, can be affordable as well as healthy, because you always know what exactly went into the recipe.

You’re a hit

For those who host friendly dinners quite often, serving different kinds of meals at each dinner party might make you more popular. People would want to come back to you to have your delicious entrees because they taste so very different. It would definitely aid in improving your social life, and make yourself a favorite host. Let’s face it, intimate dinner parties among friends and families are a lot of fun, and if you have a chance to extend the fun meter, then why not?

How to be Creative with Cooking

Now that we have established some of the advantages of creative cooking, and you have probably given yourself that nudge to go ahead and try it, a few tips mentioned below might help you get started.

Tip 1: Stock up your kitchen cupboards

Whenever you go for grocery shopping, spend a few minutes on the aisles that you generally do not visit, and pick up a few spices/sauces or other ingredients that sound appealing to you. Believe me, if they are there at the store, they will have a use for you in your kitchen. Although, you must read the ingredients thoroughly before purchasing something new, in order to steer clear of any allergies.

Tip 2: Build you knowledge base

In creative cooking, it is important to know which ingredient gels well with another ingredient. You don’t want to cook something with an uneven mixture of ingredients that might make you throw up. The best way to improve your knowledge in cooking, like anything else, is reading. Get hold of recipe books, watch cookery shows, read up recipes on the internet. Knowledge is a vast ocean, and the triumph lies in being able to slowly acquire it drop by drop. While gathering knowledge, do not restrict yourself to any one form of cuisine, and explore the food habits of the entire world, from North of South, and from East to West.

Tip 3: Try your hand at small quantities

Whether preparing a brand new dish, or tweaking a known recipe, you must stick to smaller quantities, in order to avoid a huge amount of wastage in scenarios where things do not work out the way you expected. You may either want to prepare a single helping, only for yourself, or make enough for a small focus group of close friends or family members who would give you their honest opinions without criticizing your hard work. It is important to have an open mind, and not get bogged down by an unsuccessful dish. If it doesn’t taste good, ponder and ask yourself what might make it better. Use your knowledge base analytically, and you would definitely see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tip 4: Keep exploring

Okay so you have cooked a special dish using your creativity, and everyone at your last dinner party loved it. That does not mean you stop there. Keep exploring with other options and ingredients, add slight variations, and keep experimenting to make the dish better and better. You would be amazed at how much of a positive person you become with every experiment, and how much you add to your constantly growing knowledge base.

Tip 5: Share your knowledge

The coolest part of discovering something new is to be able to share it with the world. Imagine what would have happened if Isaac Newton had not shared what he discovered when an apple fell on his head. We would have never known why we cannot float in air. So it is important you share your successful recipes among friends and families, and of course, publish them when you gain the confidence. Again, people you share with might have a lot to share themselves, and such discussions always form a steady path to our learning curves.

So go ahead, unleash you creativity, and pour it on to your hot skillet. Your kitchen beckons you, and your stove is awaiting the care and affection with which you are about to rinse your utensils.